I want to build a 3000 gallon pond. Can you give me your plumbing diagram?
Please read our “Pond construction” section. We have given the basics. You can adapt them to your pond.

Do you sell your home-made bio-filters?
No, we do not. You can search for “55 gallon K1 moving media filter”. You will find many builds with pictures and videos.

Are you a member of any Koi clubs? Do you give talks?
No to both questions. Koi clubs in our area are managed by people who have self-serving interests (Koi vendors and vendors of Koi/pond supplies or people who want to exhibit their Koi). We do not have time to travel to places where Koi clubs actually help Koi hobbyists. Our website has all of the information we know. We will update as we learn more.

How to contact you?
Due to spam, we do not publish our emails/contact information on our website.

Do you sell Koi?
We do not sell Koi for profit. However, if our Koi produce babies, we do sell them for market price and use the proceeds for our other charity project (non-profit school). We do not sell babies under 12-inches. We separate our male Koi and Female Koi during summer but accidents do happen. Visit our website in April to see if we have any babies for sale.


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