Smart Koi are the Koi version of trained dogs. They are the aristocrats of Koi world - intelligent, sophisticated, adventurous and friendly. They love playing ball, listening to music, learning tricks and interacting with people. They love being held, stroked and pampered.

Do you love to have such Koi in your pond?
This website and our youtube channel will guide you in the right direction.
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We are scientists who became accidental caretakers of our pet Koi after experiencing series of disasters brought about by incompetent pond guys. While caring for our Koi we noticed that one of our Koi looked up when he heard his name in our conversation. We had named them for our own convenience. But it was a pleasant surprise that they knew their names. This opened the door to our research in Koi intelligence and behavior. Result is the discovery of Smart Koi !

Smart Koi are now 3-6 years old but have grown to be 30+ inches. But they still behave like babies when they see humans - greet them with a kiss and “talk” to them, splash water on them, beg them for food. Like children, they love what is not good for them (soft drinks, junk food and desserts).

Did you know?
Koi can understand commands. They experience emotions like  jealousy, love, grief, pain and anger. Like humans, Koi also have unique personalities. There are comedian Koi, arrogant Koi, gentleman Koi, terrorist Koi and so on. There are also gangs with leaders (some leaders are females) and there are frequent fights between the gangs. Males take care and discipline their young. Females, especially the large ones are prized the most. Large Koi gather to form a physical barrier to prevent baby Koi from going near a Blue Heron because baby Koi cannot resist the food dropped by Blue Herons. Adult Koi also sacrifice food for their young. Koi love their caretakers and can get depressed and fall sick when the caretaker has gone away for a while. We learned a lot about them thanks to their eager participation in our experiments.

Our goal is to let people know that Koi are as lovable as dogs and can be trained like dogs. They are intelligent and miss their Koi-parents just as dogs do.


We do not have any interest in  turning our Koi expertise into a business. We do not have time to address all Koi issues or to provide consulting on an individual basis. But we hope to cover most of the information a typical Koi hobbyist needs in this website and in our youtube channel.

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