Koi love algae
Koi do not eat algae. They eat the benthic organisms (also called zoo-plankton) that eat algae. So, algae is good for Koi only because the algae host the microorganisms that Koi love.

Koi like to hide in caves
Koi do not like to hide in a place where they do not get a 360 degree view (that is why they have fish-eye view)
unless they are smaller than 12 inches or they are spawning.
When our pond guy constructed 2ft high 9ft wide cave for our Koi, they rested on top of the cave rather than in it because that gave them a better view. However, during spawning, females rested inside the caves. Apparently this implied they didn't want to be chased because the males stopped chasing them when they were in the caves.

Koi with dropsy should be treated with salt
Dropsy can also be swollen kidney/liver or tumor. Adding salt will stress the kidney because kidney needs to balance the movement of negative ions (like bicarbonate and chloride) and positive ions (sodium, potassium, magnesium) from the blood to water and reverse. Addition of salt will change the natural flow and make kidney and lung work more.

It is best to euthanize a koi that is very sick
Koi do not know the concept of euthanasia. They want to live, at any cost or any amount of pain.

Koi do not feel pain
Koi feel pain.
Evidence:They love hot water coming through the hose in winter. But a couple of Koi experienced burns by brushing against the brass coupling. After that experience, they stopped getting too close to the hose.

Koi do not have memory
When we go on vacation, they are on their own. The day we return they lick and kiss our arms and face like there is no tomorrow. Also, when we call their names, they respond even though nobody has spoken to them in our absence. We monitor them on-line through their security cameras.

Male koi push the eggs out of a female koi by ramming their heads into her belly.
Wrong. Female Koi pounds herself against the pond wall or floor to get the eggs out. Males nudge her to stimulate and show support. Females spawn even in the absence of males. We have had this situation in our pond.


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