Our Koi have been raised by scientists who want to study their behavior. This simply means our Koi growth and activities have been monitored continuously. Compare this with the koi grown in mud ponds - anchor worms and fish lice sticking out of their body, carrot like body shape from poor food intake and fear of humans.

Our website is full of information (for buyers only) on raising koi, treating them when they are sick and building good pond filtration system and even 1-year e-mail support.

Our Koi grow in very clean ponds. They get 25% water change daily. Dead algae is vacuumed from the pond floor. Stable water parameters (temperature, pH, alkalinity) and very nutritious custom food have made them very athletic and healthy. Our 2-year old Koi are 21-27 inches long. Lack of predators, stress or sickness combined with loving caretakers have made them so friendly that they kiss fingers of strangers to say “hello” and “thank you”.

Our koi have never been exposed to temperature below 68*F. Why? Growth and brain development of growing Koi get affected if they are exposed to temperatures below 55*F. Koi are from Asian rivers where temperature does not fall below 55*F. Their body has no mechanism to cope with the 7-month starvation like the native animals. Protein is the first choice of Koi energy source. So, during winter starvation, their muscle protein breaks down to provide energy and to maintain body wear and tear. This results no net gain in girth. Most of the muscle mass they build up in summer is used up in winter unless you overfeed them in summer (and pollute their water). Lack of immunity, exposure to predators in winter can create enormous stress, resulting in frequent illnesses and reduced lifespan.

Our Koi are intelligent and understand humans. They have seen their parents feeding from human hands right from the day they hatched. They started demanding food, responding to caretakers when they were only 2 weeks old. They grew up listening to music, watching TV, posing for pictures and videos, playing ball and solving puzzles. You can easily train them to do new tricks. Your entire family can enjoy them.

Our koi are fed only 0.5% of their body weight during the first 3 years or in summer and 0.25% of their body weight rest of the time. Yet, their growth rates are higher than most breeders can achieve. This is because we are experts of both Koi and Biochemistry. Our koi are NEITHER produced for profit NOR produced to compete in Koi-shows. This simply means they get actual medications if and when they are sick - not the cheap but harsh PP treatment or salt baths. Also, you don't have to worry about false colors produced by color enhancing pellets.

Our buyers are intelligent, sophisticated and well-traveled professionals looking to buy Koi as pets. They love to play with koi when they come home from their stressful work environment. They prioritize friendliness, health and raising conditions over color patterns of Koi. Our buyers also financially savvy enough to know that Koi should never be bought as investments. They are also conscious about thousands of koi fry being culled to produce the so called ‘tategoi”. They are happy to know that we do not cull, kill or follow euthanasia because we do not produce koi for-profit. The proceeds from the sales are used to support a Science Festival for High School students.


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